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John M.
John M.
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I have found that the ordering process for our customers is very simple and straight forward with minimal steps. This process is the same for laptop and mobile devices, which are very important to capture all audiences. There is flexibility with the software and one can customize it based on their business.
Nathan P.
Nathan P.
Knee Walker Hub
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This software offers diverse features for managing your rental business. My business ships rental units to customers and the software offers some shipping management features. It also offers texting features to customers. The graphical interface is user friendly and easy to use.
Michel J.
JaGa Costumes
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Technical support is available beyond my expectations, always friendly and respectful even if I have many / often questions. ” The service is available in French ” Thank you to the whole Rentmy team
Amy Clevidence
Amy Clevidence
Socially Present (Agency)
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The RentMy team took time to listen to the challenge I was seeking to solve on behalf of my client and provide a solution built to address exactly what they needed. I would not hesitate to partner with RentMy on a future project and look forward to the opportunity to work with them again!
Richard K.
Sought + Found Rentals
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Once we had RentMy up and running, we were able to service our clients needs much more quickly, and more importantly, keep track of our inventory items without the “multiple spreadsheets and post-it notes” methods we were using before.
Online rental management software

At-A-Glance status & Control for all of your orders


RentMy is perfect for Rental Businesses that:

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Unlimited Design Options For Your Rental Company

Party Rentals
Yard Art Rentals
Costume Rentals
Camping & Outdoor Rentals
Fashion Rentals
Wedding rental software
Wedding Rentals

Integrated payments and POS FOr Rentals

Save time & money using the RentMy integrated card-present payments option.  Works like a traditional POS, but with powerful options to run your rental business, including:

Rental Business POS system

Everything is included!

The RentMy eCommerce rental platform provides everything you need to add or manage your rental business. Leveraging our decade of experience creating successful rental programs for all types of businesses, we have distilled our solution into several key benefits:


Got a great idea? Leverage our amazing tech to bring your vision to life! Our experts are ready to discuss your needs to provide the custom experience you want for your customers. Best of all: there’s no obligation!


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