The Case For A Change

Rental management solution can help you serve more customers. Are you interested in serving more customers at your rental company? Try RentMy!

As more rental businesses change to serve new customers, they often have several things on their mind, including how to:

Choosing the right online rental software is critical to helping your business to reach it’s goals.

Essential Features

rental management solution features

There are several features that any rental software you consider should offer.  After all, online rental software shouldn’t merely be an expense for your business; it should actually help you manage, serve and grow.

Here are the five must-have features in any online rental software:

1. Mobile-friendly renting

It’s safe to say that practically all of your current and future customers are carrying a smartphone. And, we’ll bet that you’re carrying one, too.

Your phone should give you all of the access you need to run your rental business, including quick access to inventory levels, upcoming rentals, sales reports, quoting tools and more.

Running your business shouldn’t require you to be sitting in an office. Demand an all-in-one system that puts your business at your fingertips, day and night.

2. Works with your current systems

Nobody wants to manage multiple systems through different accounts. Rental management solution that only helps you manage the behind-the-counter operation of your business does not add anything to your bottom line. And software that serves as just a reservation log doesn’t help you grow your business.  Today’s online rental management solution softwares should actually feature and promote your inventory to your customers.  Think of it as an always-on, up-to-date catalog of your inventory.  If your customers can’t see what you have, and what it will cost, they won’t rent everything they might need.

If you already have a website that you love, look for a system that allows you to connect your rental software to your website in a seamless, natural way. Popular systems like WordPress, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and others offer connections that quality rental software programs can connect to.

3. Social Media-ready

Busy customers and event planners rely heavily on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for ideas and as sources of information about possible providers.  The best online rental software allows you to quickly share listings for your items to these outlets and quickly convert browsers into customers. The best online rental software solutions permit customers to “deep link” directly to a particular item’s reservation page, so the customer can see availability and pricing in real time to complete their rental in a snap.

4. Helpful, free support

When you invest in a new software for your rental company, you should  choose a partner who is just as interested in growing your business as you are.  

If there is an extra charge to have your questions answered, to get help with a nagging problem, or ask for tips on how to best grow your business, you’re less likely to get the most from your online rental software investment. 

Make sure your online rental software provider will stand behind their product and empower you to maximize productivity.

5. Barcode & asset tracking

If you offer higher-valued items, and you need to track the order history of a specific product, you should ensure any system you’re considering offers asset tracking and barcode identification. Whether its an insurance claim or just standard maintenance tracking, knowing the exact order history of your products can save you time and money. Do yourself a favor and make sure this invaluable feature comes standard in any system you’re considering.

In Summary

If your online rental software doesn’t offer the insights you need to run your business the way you want, it’s time to find a new provider. was built on the idea that all rental companies, from local businesses to eCommerce brands, should have easy-to-use tools to offer and price rentals accurately and there is a better way to get more out of your rental business for much less cost (and much more functionality) than traditional rental software.

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