Real-Time Rental Booking
& Inventory Management

WordPress Plugin, rental website builder, and integrated point-of-sale system for eCommerce businesses & local rental operators.

From local rental companies to global eCommerce brands, RentMy delivers the rental solution you need to manage & grow your business.

Top rental software for rental business

Real-time rental booking & sales

Rent products & custom packages

Barcode & tracking & reporting

E-Commerce website builder

Upsell recommendations, “buy now” and wish list features

Shipping & delivery management

Instant, custom reports

Currency & localization controls

Customer Relationship Management

Customer contact suite (everything from receipts to reminders and more)

Social media integrations

Employee access permissions

RentMy is perfect for Rental Businesses that:

  •  Want to add real-time rental app to their website
  •  Share inventory between multiple locations
  •  Sell and rent products
  •  Need support for foreign currency
  •  Need dynamic shipping and/or delivery fee calculation
  •  Want to use their merchant processor to handle online payments
Wordpress Plugin & API

Wordpress Plugin & API

Add real-time rental to any website or app in minutes

Command the Brand

Command the Brand

It’s about you, not us. Our white-label approach lets you create the relationships you want.



Manage all aspects of payments & monitor your business in real time.



Mobile is everything; That’s why we’re natively phone-friendly. SMS receipts, reminders and more.

Rental software workfow

How It Works provides everything you need to add or manage your rental business. Leveraging our decade of experience creating successful rental programs for all types of businesses, we have distilled our solution into several key benefits:

  • Modular WordPress plugin and API suite manages all aspects of scheduling, booking, payment and returns on your website or mobile app.
  • Customer Relationship Management suite tracks customer order history, sends reminders, up-sells and more.
  • Product groups, layouts & options organization makes finding the right equipment fast & easy
  • Online payments settled by your favorite processor.
  • Confirmations, reminders, status alerts, surveys and more – we have the end-to-end rental journey optimized (and your customers will love you for it)

In short, we care about your customers’ experience as much as you do. Partner with the pros who do this every day.


for all Users

RentMy offers an outstanding platform for your venture.
Our tech provides the essential business functions critical to starting & growing your rental operation.

Our clients come from many rental verticals, including:

Party & Event





Toys & Games

Clothing & Costumes

Baby Gear

Tools & Equipment

Medical equipment


Our Portfolio (Examples)

Welcome, Visionaries!

Got a great idea? Leverage our amazing tech to bring your vision to life! Our experts are ready to discuss your needs to provide the custom experience you want for your customers. Best of all: there’s no obligation!

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About Us

We position your brand for success

For more than 10 years, our team has created amazing features to make running a rental business easier. Firmly grounded in design and function best practices, with a rental management experience that comes with years of practical experience, our team will create a complementary platform, integrated with your current processes and systems, to help you tap the demand for your products.

Our “white label” approach lets clients start and operate a rental business in no time, because we have already built the enterprise platform.

Forget mapping workflows or defining scheduling algorithms and customer experience (let alone finding someone to build them); We are proud to put our years of building a world-class operating system to work for you.



Put our powerful rental management platform to work for your rental business today.
RentMy is your one-stop shop for everything to start and run your rental operation.



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Always Secure

Always Secure

RentMy secure cloud keeps your current

top performance
Managed Sourcecode

Managed Sourcecode

We maintain the platform, keeping it in tiptop shape

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RentMy is built and maintained by passionate developers who are always working on creating the optimal experience for you and your customers

We serve clients around the globe, which means near-constant on-call support to handle your requirements. Whether you prefer to work during normal business hours (or while your customers are sleeping), RentMy has the dedicated team you need to grow your company, on your schedule.

Your RentMy project management team offers years of develop & product development experience and will stand by you through the build process. More than just website builders coders, RentMy developers will share best practices, innovative approaches to problem-solving and advice.

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