Brian Dubuque, owner of Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals is a busy man.  He started his company as a seasonal operation in 2019, and despite the challenges that 2020 brought to the industry, he is now busier than even he expected to be.

Serving a broad area in coastal Virginia and surrounding markets, Brian never knows where his next customer would be. And considering how busy he is, answering phone calls and replying to inquiry forms just wasn’t a timely (or convenient) way to serve his customers. 

The Challenge:

As a bustling small business, there is often a shortage of staff available to answer the frequently asked questions that a common to the inflatables industry: 

Keeping track of orders and delivery addresses with spreadsheets and notebooks became unmanageable quickly.  And, taking calls from upset or disappointed customers after a missed delivery or a double-booked item is always a difficult conversation.

Bouncy Bounce wanted to give their customers the power to easily access to real-time availability, get pricing, scheduling delivery and more. fit the bill for Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals.

The Solution:

After researching various solutions, Brian selected RentMy in the summer of 2019.  Factors such as price, functionality and ease-of-use led he and his business partner to choose RentMy to help manage the booking, payments and customer communication portion of their business. 

The included RentMy website builder provides Bouncy Bounce and “no code” way to create an eCommerce system that manages product availability, price calculation (including delivery fees), down-payments and more.

RentMy Helps Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals Manage and Grow Its Business.

As rentals picked up, Brian used the mobile-friendly orders page to look up delivery addresses while he was away from the office.

The Result:

Since starting with RentMy, Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals has experienced a significant increase in business, despite all of the challenging recent events that have affected the industry.  Brian is pleased with business in 2020 and has big plans for 2021.

“Our experience with RentMy has been great. Customer service is very helpful and timely. The assistance during the beginning of COVID was also very much appreciated. We look forward to providing our customers with a more user friendly experience once we are able to combine our website and store versus our current setup.”

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