10 Hottest Rental Business Startup Ideas For 2022

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The equipment rental business is a near recession-proof industry, and is on its way to reaching the $335 billion mark by 2025. The introduction of new technology and businesses makes it easy for Customers to rent practically anything while saving over the price of buying for practically everything, from construction equipment and cars to fashion […]

Launch Your eCommerce Equipment Rental Website

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In order to starting an equipment rental business it is important making a great first impression on prospective Customers to getting the rental (or sale).  Making a website that offers an eCommerce ordering experience for your equipment rentals requires extra considerations to covert a visitor to a renter. You will find TONS of free themes in […]

Grow Your Rental Market With Dropshipping

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According to the American Rental Association, the typical rental property business has a service area of approximately 10 miles from its location. While that can represent a sizable market, imagine how much bigger your market could be if you served customers from 100 or even 1,000 miles from your location. Thanks to advances in “shipping […]

Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals Puts Customers In Control

Brian Dubuque, owner of Bouncy Bounce Party Rentals is a busy man.  He started his company as a seasonal operation in 2019, and despite the challenges that 2020 brought to the industry, he is now busier than even he expected to be. Serving a broad area in coastal Virginia and surrounding markets, Brian never knows […]

Using Intelligent Rental Packages To Grow Your Revenue

Packages, bundles, kits – whatever you call them, the idea has been around for a long time:  Offer groups of products together at a discount to what those items would cost if purchased individually.  Everything from “Happy Meals” to health insurance plans are packages, and they just “work”.  Sure, customers might not want everything that’s […]

Textbook Rental Software For The New Education Landscape

Colleges and universities around the world are preparing for the new way of serving students this Fall.  In addition to designing new ways to teach curricula to students, educators and the campus community are addressing the practical tasks of equipping students with the materials they need to learn. It is reasonable to assume that students […]

How to Offer Online Rentals For Just About Anything

Did you ever notice how there are lots of eCommerce platforms out there for people to sell crafts and products, but until now, the $60 Billion dollar rental industry has been largely ignored?  Enter RentMy. The creativity of rental company owners never fails to impress us.  We have the privilege of serving clients who offer […]

5 Tips For Picking Online Rental Management Solution

The Case For A Change Rental management solution can help you serve more customers. Are you interested in serving more customers at your rental company? Try RentMy! As more rental businesses change to serve new customers, they often have several things on their mind, including how to: do more with their current inventory, search for […]

Party Rental Software That Does It All

Your party rental business faces many challenges that other companies simply don’t have to deal with. It’s best to have party rental software solutions that do all you need. Renting equipment that you paid for, maintain, clean, and prep for the next customer is completely foreign to most other businesses (and most other business software). […]