Many Locations – One Solution

As rental businesses expand to offer multiple locations to their customers, finding one system to manage their inventory can be difficult (and expensive).  Thanks to the RentMy multi-location management feature, those obstacles will no longer limit your business’s growth.

Manage Inventory From One Place

Some rental management systems require multiple user accounts to view inventory at different locations.  And those systems make side-by-side comparisons of inventory hard to get (if it is even offered at all).  RentMy solves those headaches with our straight-forward approach to managing your rental software no matter how many locations your have.

With just one login, you can easily see available inventory and quantities of each product at each location.  The RentMy “linked locations” feature permits you select the location of interest and start viewing and managing upcoming rentals and more.

multi-location rental management software

Authorized user profiles can also transfer inventory between locations with just a few clicks, even from their tablet or phone!

Same SKUs, Managed By Location

The intuitive RentMy multi-location experience makes it easy to maintain the same product SKU across all of your locations.  That means you can add the product to inventory just once (including photos, descriptions, related products, etc.) and feature the product at each location.  And, you can even charge different prices at each location if you like.

Location Choices Made Easy

With easy navigation controls and product selection guide, your customers can pick from your locations and then choose the fulfillment method (pickup, delivery or shipping) as usual.  In the case of delivery, RentMy applies your delivery settings to properly add delivery fees to the order, ensuring you can maximize your delivery revenue.  And, the available RentMy Sales Tax Lookup feature ensures that the correct sales tax is charge based on where the products are picked-up, delivered or shipped.

Rental software for multiple locations

If your business has locations that are not customer-facing (like warehouses or storage yards), you can combine your inventory from your several locations, permitting customers to easily order products and allowing you to choose from where the order should be fulfilled.

No Per-User Or Installation Fees

More locations usually means more users.  Most rental management systems charge by the user account, making hiring more employees and giving them access to critical tools an unwanted extra cost.   RentMy doesn’t charge per-user or per-account fees, meaning that you can create and manage accounts for your staff in all parts of your business (even seasonal workers) for no extra charge.

More locations also usually require new “installation” and support costs.  Again, RentMy doesn’t charge for phony installation costs or new Support fees.  

Streamline your business and empower your team to manage your business seamlessly from anywhere without the fees charged by old-fashioned rental management software companies.