Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How does RentMy define a “product”?

A product is a unique product name/number managed in your account.  For instance, if you offer boxes, bags and baskets, regardless of the number of variants (product options), the product count is 3.  Add colors, sizes, materials and other variations without increasing your product count.


What does “real-time availability” mean?

It means RentMy keeps track of the up-to-the-minute status of your inventory (past, present and future).  When your customers rent your products, you can rest assured that RentMy will never allow overbooking (unless you choose to permit it in your RentMy settings).

Does RentMy charge a commission/fee on my orders?

No, RentMy doesn’t touch your payments (at all).  We take no commissions or fees, no matter how many rentals you get. 

Do I need a website to use RentMy?

No, RentMy includes a full-featured website builder with your subscription.  Point and click control means that you can create the experience you want for your customers (no coding needed). 

Can I use RentMy with my website?

Yes, if you have a website you love, you can use RentMy manage your inventory & rentals with our WordPress plugin and APIs.


Does RentMy work outside of the US?

Yes, you can use RentMy anywhere in the world.  RentMy provides all of the controls to localize the experience for your customers (language conversion, currency selection, local tax rates and more).

Can I track individual assets?

Yes, if you have products that you keep track of by using asset tags, product numbers or more, the RentMy Asset Tracking feature will maintain history of your items, including number of rentals (rental cycles), revenue generated, cost basis and more. 

Can I ship using RentMy?

RentMy offers “basic” shipping (where you can apply a flat or variable shipping fee to orders) and “advanced” shipping with our integration with ShipEngine.  Advanced shipping permits you to charge correct postage, determine whether to charge one-way or two-way shipping, print outbound and return labels and more.

Can my customers create an account?

Yes, RentMy offers a customer accounts feature, where customers can create a profile to maintain order history, create real-time quotes, update billing and shipping information and more.

Can RentMy handle sub-renting?

Yes, RentMy offer a vendor/partner portal, which permits your business to “white list” partners and other businesses who can log in to your website, view product availability, generate job lists & quotes, make payment and more.

Can I set up “smart” discounting rules?

Yes, the RentMy coupon feature permits you to establish coupons for all products or specific items, and even allows you to establish discounting rules based on cart value, number of products ordered, etc.

Can I charge different prices for different seasons/times of year?

Yes, RentMy manages high season/low season pricing with ease. Simply visit the Hours & Holidays menu to establish seasonal pricing for your inventory.

Can I sub-rent/offer different prices to trade/industry partners than I offer to the public?

Yes, RentMy offers a premium vendor/partner portal experience, which permits you to “whitelist” authorized users, who can view your inventory (at custom prices), create quotes and convert quotes to paid orders any time day or night.  Contact us for pricing and options.

Can I create quotes without blocking inventory?

Yes, quotes will not reserve/withhold inventory from availability until minimum payment is receive (you decide what that minimum should be).  You can always easily modify quotes and convert to orders with just a few clicks.

Do I have to charge for my rentals?

No, many clients use RentMy to keep track of their products (rather than charging for rentals). RentMy supports inventory tracking, even if you don’t monetize those rentals.

Where can I find other help articles?

Visit us at Help.RentMy.co for detailed support tips and subscribe to our YouTube channel for helpful how-to videos.


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