The RentMy dropship rental plugin easily integrates with shipping sites and with your current processes and website so you can adapt as the marketplace changes.

Recent stay-at-home orders have given online businesses that include delivery a meteoric boost. Amazon is hiring 175,000 more workers. Instacart is hiring 300,000 and Pizza Hut is hiring 30,000. Changing times mean businesses have to adapt, and these very successful businesses are heeding the signs. Why shouldn’t your rental business be part of the online success story?

Why indeed? Changing how you do business is a big deal. How will you take bookings, track items, arrange for two-way dropshipping or take payments? What about your current systems? How will you estimate shipping costs or give a quote? 

CPR for Rental Businesses 

RentMy’s eCommerce rental platform for Word Press delivers answers in a tidy package of managed, real-time rental booking and management solutions. And they adapt to a range of rental businesses. Do you rent audio-visual equipment? Medical equipment? Textbooks? Bounce houses? Camping or outdoor equipment? RentMy can do that. 

These rental businesses and more adapt seamlessly with the RentMy solution. RentMy has developed proven, ready rental business software that breathes new life into rental businesses, especially those impacted by a reduction in brick-and-mortar shopping. 

Control Shipping Costs and Reduce Risk with Dropshipping

What about dropshipping rentals? Shipping directly can increase your reach and efficiency and reduce your risks but it comes with challenges. How will you know your shipping costs, and how will you manage lead and lag time options? 

RentMy has thought of that. Our dropship rental plugin interlinks with shipping sites like, FedEx, UPS and USPS so you know and can charge for your true shipping costs. RentMy’s eCommerce rental platform for Word Press also offers configurable lead and lag time options.

RentMy has a 10-year track record of providing the rental business software rental businesses need to run smoothly. We have meticulously developed tools for your business that integrate easily into your current processes and website so you can adapt as the marketplace changes. 

You Deliver Value to Your Customers

Consumers want quality, but sometimes making a large purchase may not be the wisest choice. By renting a high-ticket item, a customer can use a costly item as needed and pay only for what they need.  

You have an important service to offer your customers who are more focused than ever on value and on ordering online. Customers want delivery to their door and even more importantly, ease in returning the product at the end of the rental cycle. RentMy gives you the rental business software to adapt and prosper by delivering the value your customers want in an increasingly online market. Visit today for more information and to get started.

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