Packages, bundles, kits – whatever you call them, the idea has been around for a long time:  Offer groups of products together at a discount to what those items would cost if purchased individually.  Everything from “Happy Meals” to health insurance plans are packages, and they just “work”.  Sure, customers might not want everything that’s included in a package, but the package is such a good deal, customers will just order the #5 meal or the Silver plan out of simplicity.

Now you can add that time-honored approach to your rental business.

The all-new RentMy package solution permits you to bundle products together and price that bundle anyway you want (regardless of the rental prices of the components in the package). Using the new solution will help you to grow your average order value and simplify the ordering process for your customers.

You can rest assured that the Package solution will still check the availability of the products in the package to ensure that no item(s) in the package can be overbooked.  And, in the case where a package component offers options (like sizes, colors, styles, etc.), your customer can make those choices when ordering the package.

Setting Up A Package

1. Add the individual products to you RentMy account, and be sure to add the quantity and price for those products (tip:  you can mark the products as “inactive” if you don’t want to offer them individually).

2. Create a package (using the Add Package” button on the Inventory List page)

3. You can (optionally) fill in the “What’s Included” field if you want to list the products/services in the package for things that you don’t want to inventory (like “Service with a smile” or “15 tent stakes”)

4. Save the package name and then click on the Package name in the Inventory list to add product components.

5. Search for the products in the package and indicate the quantity included of each product.  Note, if your package contains more than one items of a particular product (and that product offers from which customers can choose), add that product for as many times as the options can be selected.  For example, if a package contains two microphone stands, and you would like for your customer to have a choice of the style/finish for each stand, add the stand to the package two times with a quantity of one each).  See the example below:

When the customer adds the package to the cart, they can choose the style of each mic stand individually.  Of course, if you don’t wish to offer independent choices for the mic stand style, simply add the item to the package with a quantity of 2.

When the order is placed, the customer receives a detailed receipt confirming their selections, and you will find a pick list for the package (including the individual selections), making order fulfillment a breeze.

Get started now, or watch this short video to see the process in action:


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