Your party rental business faces many challenges that other companies simply don’t have to deal with. It’s best to have party rental software solutions that do all you need.

Renting equipment that you paid for, maintain, clean, and prep for the next customer is completely foreign to most other businesses (and most other business software).

RentMy “gets” the unique nature of your business, and we make our offering tailored to your needs.

Unique Features Specifically For Party Rental Companies

Our flexible workflow management application allows you align RentMy with your unique business processes. We provide it all, including:

Create Custom Work Flows

RentMy gives you easy-to-understand work flows that you can adjust to fit your business process. Only RentMy gives you control over when you charge a customer (before or after the rental), when inventory is available and even upsell suggestions to help grow the order value.

Your party rental business is getting more complex, and RentMy online party rental software is getting smarter to make running your business easier.

Manage Customers With Ease

RentMy retains order history for each of your customers, making it easy to look up past orders and quickly copy/update the rental as needed.

The RentMy Customer report shows orders, revenue, locations and more for your customers, so you’re never out of touch with how you can best serve them. And, considering that RentMy recalls that information during the ordering process, the time it takes no time to create a new rental. No more need to write up a proposal, check prices, and wait for a response. You can even offer customer-specific discounts as desired with just a click.

Delivery Routing & Charging

There are many ways to charge for delivery of your inventory, including a distance fee, by area or zone, and on a per-item fee. RentMy supports all of these methods to make it easy for your to get paid for delivery and setup.

RentMy taps in directly to Google Maps to ensure distance calculations are accurate and reliable.

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