RentMy, the leader in online rental software, now offers a modern WordPress rental plugin that helps rental companies receive more bookings, collect information from their customers and accept online payments. The WordPress plugin and API suite give you a full set of tools for your rental business to manage scheduling, booking, payments and returns on your website or a mobile app. And it gives your customers the convenience of handling everything online in one easy transaction.

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Take Your Rental Business Online

Recent events have given a tremendous boost to businesses that operate strictly online, and as a result, customers are becoming more and more accustomed to handling an entire transaction from a smartphone or other mobile device. In a few easy steps, they can search for what they need and complete the order. They just need the simple tools to do it. 

The RentMy Plugin for WordPress is Feature-Rich and Powerful

Tap into the mobile market. In 2019, mobile traffic exceeded 50% of all internet traffic, so any new applications built have to consider smartphone traffic in equal measure with desktop traffic.RentMy’s plugin for WordPress is built to deliver the same user-friendly interface on a cell phone as it does on a desktop computer screen. It puts the power of completing an entire rental transaction in the palm of your customer’s hand.  Whether you manage your own website or have a professional do it for you, you can have a powerful tool at your fingertips that can increase your bottom line. 

Keep track of your customers. RentMy’s plugin for WordPress gives you Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capability. Offer great service and boost repeat business at the same time. Send reminders, up-sell, track customer order history and more. 

CRM use can have a measurable impact on your business. It can help you find the right customers, reduce the cost of sales, offer better customer service, and build more sustainable relationships. You will likely sell to a new prospect 5-20% of the time, but to an existing customer 60-70% of the time. 

Organization tools at your fingertips. Create product groups, organize layouts and options, and create pick lists, load sheets and reports. Make it simple for your customers to find what they’re looking for, and easy for you to track products and performance. 

Payment processing your way. You’ve probably already done the legwork to choose the most effective payment processor for you.RentMy’s plugin for WordPress gives you the option of using the payment processor of your choice. 

End-to-end service. Provide a quote, send a confirmation, and follow up with a customized receipt. Track inventory by barcode and serialized asset tag. Streamline your business by dropshipping to anywhere using delivery services like, FedEx, UPS and USPS directly through the RentMy plugin for WordPress. 

Supercharge Your Rental Business

 Your customers will appreciate the convenience, and you will appreciate the ease and efficiency of the tools that make it possible.