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Feature Shopify RentMy
Real-time inventory availability check for immediate and future rentals No Yes 
Pricing calculated based on rental date & duration  No Yes 
Offers one-time, long-term and subscription rentals  No Yes
Products remain available until booked (i.e., no “hostage” carts) No Yes 
Calculates/applies late fees  No


Automated order statuses, reminders and more  No Yes 
Configurable deposit and down payment options No


Captures digital signatures on rental contracts/liability waivers No Yes
Supports product sales and rentals No Yes 
Dynamic product packages No  Yes
Live chat, email and phone support No  Yes 
Use your preferred merchant account (First American, Stripe, Square,, and more) No  Yes 
No per-order fees  No Yes
Calculates delivery charges based on distance or zone No Yes
Works with with MailChimp No  Yes 
Create & send quotes for acceptance/payment No Yes
Share inventory with partners No  Yes 
Customizable checkout/payment screen No  Yes
Customer Accounts (lookup order history, edit pending rentals, etc.) No 


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