Colleges and universities around the world are preparing for the new way of serving students this Fall.  In addition to designing new ways to teach curricula to students, educators and the campus community are addressing the practical tasks of equipping students with the materials they need to learn.

Textbook rental software
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It is reasonable to assume that students will not be returning to campus in the numbers they did in previous semesters.  Many will take advantage of new “remote learning”  tools to participate in lectures and classroom discussions.  In addition to relying on tools like Zoom to participate in the lessons, students expect other online ways to “round out” the related needs of the learning experience.

But how will students get the essential supplies they need from local businesses that serve students, like bookstores and other campus services?  The answer for your bookstore is makes it easy for college & university bookstores to rent or sell textbooks online, providing students with easy access to the resources they need to get the most of their remote education.

From easy inventory management, a full-featured point-of-sale system and a complementary eCommerce website, provides everything that college bookstores need to prepare for students’ upcoming classes.

Online & In-Store: Serve Students Where Ever They Are

Your RentMy eCommerce website is directly connected to your RentMy inventory management system, which means that you will never overbook or over-sell inventory to your customers.  Even the included RentMy Point Of Sale system can show your staff real-time stock levels of everything in your inventory. And, the RentMy barcode lookup feature makes is easy for bookstores to scan products to find availability and pricing with ease.

As a natively mobile-friendly website, your student customers can browse your selection on their phone and place their order securely with just a few taps.  They will also instantly receive a text message with their order confirmation and receipt.  When your business activates shipping as a fulfillment method, your customers can also track their shipment right to their front door.

Organize Textbooks by Course Name/Number & More

RentMy offers lots of controls to organize books by author, ISBN, course name/ID, campus, Professor and more.   You can even offer “packages” of books, study guides, note and more. Students can easily find the titles they need for their classes, and your bookstore website provides a simple, secure checkout experience for both rentals and sales. 

More Than Textbooks

We know that the college bookstore experience is about more than just books.  That’s why RentMy offers the robust eCommerce system you need to merchandise your inventory, from notepads to sweatshirts and more, all in a secure online ordering experience.  And, with the RentMy “Recommended Products” feature, you can up-sell to customers with intuitive, relevant offers designed to help your bookstore increase the average order value.

Free Setup Help Is Included

You don’t need to be a website developer to get your bookstore online and ready for rentals and sales.  Free, friendly support is included with your RentMy account, so anytime you have a question, you can get the help you need.  Our RentMy Pros can offer helpful advice, tips & tricks and a bunch of other support to help you get the most of your eCommerce bookstore. can help your college bookstore adapt to the changing landscape of the college/university experience. Quickly and easily add online rentals and sales to your business and adapt in a way that students, professors and parents will appreciate. Begin your free trial at!