We’ve simplified compliance and tax collection/reporting for businesses that dropship rental products all over the country.  Our latest update calculates the sales tax due for any US or Canadian delivery or shipping address. 

Our hands-free, no coding required, automatically looks up and applies the appropriate sales taxes to orders.  The tax shows in the order cart and will be added to the total customers must pay to complete their order.  And, thanks to the powerfulRentMy sales tax reports feature, you can easily report sales taxes due for any jurisdiction. 

The RentMy sales tax function is included in your RentMy subscription for all eligible plans and includes unlimited orders. 

Automating Taxes

To enable this feature, go to the Business Settings > Sales Tax menu. With the click of a button, you can enable tax lookup. 

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When a customer proceeds through the checkout process, once the shipping or delivery address is entered, the tax is added to the order. 

Reporting & Filing Made Easy

At the end of your sales tax reporting cycle, follow these steps to report on sales taxes collected:

1. Visit the RentMy Reports menu to choose the Sales Report.  

2. Enter the date(s) of the tax period

3. Optionally, add filters like the order source (in case you report and pay taxes differently for online and in-store orders), salesperson and order status.

View the report onscreen or export the report for additional analysis using your spreadsheet program.

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