Golf Cart, RV & Car Rental Business Software

Create and manage amazing experiences with a car rental software built for the unique needs of your Car rental business.

RentMy provided Car Rental Business  Software to manage and grow your vehicles rental company!

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If you are like most Vehicles rental company managers, you probably care about:

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Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Track products at every stage, from processing to delivery.
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Protect your investment with (refundable) deposits & other fees
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Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Add peace of mind with an e-signature with every rental contract.

Have special requirements for your Vehicles rental business?

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One Solution to Manage Your Business

No matter what type of ride you offer at rental company, RentMy has you covered.

Sights, sounds and amazing experiences come to life in your RentMy online rental web store.

And, if you already have a website you love, use our free WordPress rental plugin or APIs to create a great experience for your customers.

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Real-time inventory

Real-time inventory availability management & booking
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Digital Signatures

Add peace of mind with an e-signature with every rental contract.
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Barcode & tracking

Barcode & serial inventory tracking & reporting
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Customer accounts

Let your Customers create an account to view past bookings, create and manage new orders.
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Upsell recommendations

Grow your order value through dynamic upsell recommendations and product options.
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Charge for delivery by area/zone, distance or a simple flat fee.
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Dynamic reports

Create powerful reports for unequaled performance insights.
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Product features

Offer a selection of options to customers and keep track of them in real-time.
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E-Commerce & POS

Book new orders online, over the phone and on-site.
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Customer contact suite

Send automated order confirmation, shipping/delivery status, return reminders, post-rental surveys and more!
Social media integrations, rentmy, rental business

Social media integrations

Connect with your Customers through social media integrations (including retargeting and product promotion options).
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User roles & permissions

Create and assign user roles & permissions (ideal for a distributed workforce).


It’s easy to create & manage stores with RentMy car rental software

Vehicles Rental Booking and Payments

How does opening your email to find newly booked and paid rentals sound?  That’s exactly what RentMy can deliver!  RentMy Car Rental Business  Software manages real-time booking, payments, receipts and even SMS reminders.  It’s the rental inventory management system you’ve been searching for.

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In-Person, On-Site, or Online, Any Time

Growing your Vehicles rental business means having the freedom to manage your company from anywhere.

RentMy makes it easy for your customers to pick (and pay for) your Vehicle anytime from anywhere. Put your business on the Fast track with Car rental software.

The RentMy mobile-friendly point-of-sale and inventory manager makes running your business unbelievably easy, which means you never have miss a rental opportunity again.

Frequently Asked Questions

The car rental software is an automated tool to manage the entire mechanism of a car rental business. It allows you to start your car rental business easily and smoothly. You just need to sign up for the system and then configure the entire system according to your business information. Then, you can customize your URL and design the entire website just put your required information. You need to add multiple payment methods to complete your transactions. After that, you can view all reservations or online orders from this car rental software. A rental software works as an online manager.

A car rental system is a computerized tool that can allow you to conduct your car rental business automatically. It can be able to handle the details of the car, customer, payment, supplier, and insurance of your car rental business. Moreover, the car rental software is designed to manage online bookings or reservations, inventory, store, user, and payments that will help to meet the specific needs of the car rental company, travel companies, or travel agencies. So, it is mainly a complete package to operate the entire system of a car rental business.   

No, it is not hard to start a car rental company. You just need to maintain some necessary steps to start a car rental business. Now, you are definitely thinking about how you will start a car rental business. At first, you have to decide on which type of car rental business you want to start. Then, you can integrate car rental software to automate the entire process of your business.


How Can you Improve your Car rental Business?

You have to apply some effective strategies to improve the revenue of your car rental business. In this regard, you can integrate an automated system with your car rental business. Most significantly, you can integrate a dynamic and responsive website that will help to increase your online visibility. You can enhance your social media marketing and apply other digital marketing efforts. Also, you can integrate a mobile app that will ensure flexibility and availability to your customers. At the end of the day, you have to make sure of better customer service to create a good impression.  


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