Pricing To Meet Your Business's Needs

In the more than 15 years since RentMy started serving rental businesses from around the world, the one thing that is clear is that standard pricing plans do not work for our clients (because no rental business operates exactly the same way). Below are some guidelines to help you decide if RentMy is right for your business.  On average, RentMy clients generate $14 in revenue for every dollar spend on their RentMy account.

The Basics

Every RentMy client starts with the essentials:

  • Inventory management & order management
  • RentMy website builder
  • One user account
  • Automated order confirmations
  • Secure payment processing managed by any of the merchant processors 
  • Up to 100 inventory items
  • US-Based Support
  • Basic sales/use tax (including VAT)
  • Hosting of your website domain (allowing customers to browse, rent/buy and pay for items on your URL)

Moving Up-Market

As your operation grows, you can add options to make running your business more automated and offer you (and your Customers) more control over the experience, like:

  • Asset tracking (know the complete & detailed history of your rental items and the Customers who had them)
  • Automated day-of-week or time-of-year pricing (for example, charge 15% more for weekend rentals)
  • Complex delivery pricing calculation (by distance or by zone)
  • More user accounts
  • Digital Signature on waivers & orders
  • Collect down payments to offer payment options to Customers
  • Optional service pricing (like loss/damage waiver pricing, required county/state fees, and other services
  • Access to RentMy IOS & Android mobile apps

Custom Workflow & Unique Customer Experiences

Put our experience to work for your business!  We are proud to help clients bring their products to Customers in compelling and unique ways.  Our RentMy Solutions team will consult with your team to design (or automate) the workflow you have designed for your operation.  And, we’re happy to provide deep industry knowledge to help you avoid pitfalls and to educate your team about what we have seen work best, regardless of the products you offer or the industry you serve.  Enterprise clients choose RentMy for premium services, including:

  • Multi-location management: maintain unique inventory, pricing, rental terms and users at each location, and transfer inventory between locations as needed
  • Single Sign On (SSO) integrated with your current staff identity system
  • Custom website and mobile app development
  • Enterprise SLAs
  • Terms agreements offering pricing assurance
Pricing will vary based on the bespoke solution for your organization.

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Just Some Of The Amazing Features Ready For Your Rental Business

rentmy, rental business

Real-time rental booking & sales

The booking systems of RentMy instantly synchronize all bookings and sales.
rentmy, rental business

Rent products & custom packages

Mix and match your desired products and packages.
rentmy, rental business

Barcode & tracking & reporting

Keep track of specific items, generate order history and barcode scan items to process orders.
rentmy, rental business

eCommerce Business website

Use our included "no code" website builder, or connect to your existing website .
rentmy, rental business

Subscription & Rent-To-Own Features

Offer rent-to-own and subscription options.
rentmy, rental business

Dynamic Sales Taxes

Automatically determine tax codes and rates using configurable RentMy tax matrix.
rentmy, rental business

Create & Print Shipping Labels

Grow your Customer base with easy dropshipping, postage and two-way label creation.
rentmy, rental business

CRM Tools

An included CRM system made to organize, optimize, and simplify your customer communications.
rentmy, rental business

Upsell offers, “buy now” and wish list features

Grow order value with dynamic upsells, product recommendations and more.
rentmy, rental business

Local delivery & pickup controls

Offer delivery and charge by area/zone, distance or with a simple flat fee.
rentmy, rental business

Custom reports

Generate customized sales and inventory reports from the dashboard.
rentmy, rental business

Currency & localization controls

No matter where you serve, pick the currency, timezone, date display and more for your business.
Optional sub-rent portal, rentmy, rental business

Optional sub-rent portal

Share inventory between your business and other RentMy users to serve Customers without buying new inventory.
rentmy, rental business

Customer contact suite

Send personalized automatic alerts and reminders to Customers to improve satisfaction (and stop unnecessary phone calls).
Social media integrations, rentmy, rental business

Social media integrations

Connect with your Customers though Social Media integrations. Link product pages to your social media pages for easy renting.
rentmy, rental business

Employee access permissions

Establish and assign roles and access permissions to your staff.
rentmy, rental business


Create & send professional quotes and include a payment option to improve your order completion rate.
rentmy, rental business

Digital Signature

Get piece of mind with e-signature with every rental contract.
rentmy, rental business

Exact Time Settings (great for tours & events)

Control exactly when Customers can book your items through (optional) Exact Start Times & Days.
rentmy, rental business

Pick Lists & Load Sheets

Ensure your order preppers have everything for the upcoming rentals.
rentmy, smart rentals

Dropshipping tools

Grow your serviceable area with dropshipping options.
rentmy, rental business

Point of Sale system

A full-featured POS system to place orders at the counter.
rentmy, rental business

Asset management

Track & report on serialized inventory items.
rentmy, rental business

Product image gallery

Upload images of any size and format to help your Customers see exactly what they are ordering.
rentmy, rental business

Custom checkout

Customize the order checkout experience with order fields (like questions, selections and file uploads).
rentmy, rental business

US-Based Support

Get your questions answered fast from our friendly, US-Based Pros.
rentmy, rental business

Holiday & seasonal pricing

Automatically charge more (or less) based on the rental dates.
rentmy, rental business

Smart coupon & quantity discounting

Create Promo codes and coupons to reward your customer's customized offers.


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