These “Terms of Use” shall govern the relationship among RENTERVAL LLC, a Texas limited liability company (the “Site Sponsor”) who hosts a website at www.RentMy.co which is designed to facilitate the providing by merchants of products and services to customers (the “Website”), each merchant who offers products, services or both on the Website (individually a “Merchant” and collectively the “Merchants”), and each customer who rents or purchases products, services or both on the Website (individually a “Customer” and collectively the “Customers”). In the case of any conflict between these Terms of Use and the terms of any Merchant or Customer, the provisions of these Terms of Use shall control.

By accessing the Site you consent to receiving these Terms and communications from Site Sponsor in electronic form, and agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirements that such communications be in writing.

A. License Grant to Merchant

B. License Grant to Customer

C. Duties and Remedies of Site Sponsor

D. Fees

The licenses described in Section 1(a) and 2(a) of these Terms of Use are contingent upon the presentation to the Site Sponsor of a credit card which shall be used to pay monthly subscription fee(s) for required and optional services/features. Merchant and Customer hereby authorize the Site Sponsor to charge that credit card for (i) any charges assessed by the Site Sponsor on the Merchant for display of Merchant Data on the Website, and (ii) the price to the Customer (which shall include any applicable sales tax) for such product(s), service(s) or both (the “Payment Amount”) upon presentation by a Merchant to the Site Sponsor of a Merchant invoice or sales order (x) clearly stating the Payment Amount, (y) which has been signed and dated by Customer at the delivery of the product or the providing of the service by the Merchant to the Customer, and (z) which includes Customer’s confidential transaction number assigned to it by Site Sponsor with respect to that particular transaction with a Merchant (“Transaction Number”). All fees due hereunder are inclusive of federal, state, local or foreign taxes, levies or assessments which may be or become due and which are the responsibility of the Merchant. Merchant agrees to bear and be responsible for the payment of all such sales and use taxes, levies and assessments imposed on Customer or Site Sponsor arising out of this Agreement, excluding any tax based on Site Sponsor’s net income.

E. Term and Termination

F. Intellectual Property Rights

G. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

H. Miscellaneous