Step-By-Step Guide To Launching an Equipment Rental Business Website

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A Definitive Guide to Add Sub-Renting to a Rental Business

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6 Tips To Keep Your Equipment Rental Company Out Of Hot Water

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Grow Your Rental Market With Dropshipping

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According to the American Rental Association, the typical rental property business has a service area of approximately 10 miles from its location. While that can represent a sizable market, imagine how much bigger your market could be if you served customers from 100 or even 1,000 miles from your location. Thanks to advances in “shipping […]

Story of JAGA Outfits – How they Grow With RentMy

case study on JAGA Outfits rental business

Related Posts: Did You Like the Post? Share it: If you have enough dedication and passion you can do anything and nothing is impossible for you!!! Can’t believe it???  Yes, it’s true, and there are countless examples around you. You just need to sneak peek at your surroundings to be inspired by them.  Today, I […]

Collect Payment For Rentals Using the best online rent payment systems

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Easily Offer Recurring-Billed Rentals Online

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If your business offers long-term and/or open-ended rentals, you’ll be interested to learn more about the new “Auto-Recurring Billing” feature from Available now to qualified plans, RentMy clients can collect regular (scheduled) rental payments for any rental lasting longer than 1 week.  And, if you offer open-ended rentals, RentMy will collect payment from your […]

Collect The Right Sales Tax Everytime

We’ve simplified compliance and tax collection/reporting for businesses that dropship rental products all over the country.  Our latest update calculates the sales tax due for any US or Canadian delivery or shipping address. Our hands-free, no coding required, automatically looks up and applies the appropriate sales taxes to orders.  The tax shows in the order cart and […]

Using Intelligent Rental Packages To Grow Your Revenue

Packages, bundles, kits – whatever you call them, the idea has been around for a long time:  Offer groups of products together at a discount to what those items would cost if purchased individually.  Everything from “Happy Meals” to health insurance plans are packages, and they just “work”.  Sure, customers might not want everything that’s […]