A Definitive Guide to Add Sub-Renting to a Rental Business

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Did You Like the Post? Share it: Are you familiar with the concept of sub-renting? Before knowing the sub-renting concept, you have to understand the concept of the rental business. Do you have any rental business? If so, the sub-renting concept will bring additional advantages to your rental business. Curious to know how the sub-renting […]

6 Tips To Keep Your Equipment Rental Company Out Of Hot Water

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6 Tips to Keep Your Equipment Rental Business Out of Hot Water Running a rental business can encounter risks that can range from merely dissatisfied Customers to lawsuits and more. Below are some protections that every equipment rental business should consider sooner rather than later. Use Deposits To Protect Your Investment Renting is a great […]

Story of JAGA Outfits – How they Grow With RentMy

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Did You Like the Post? Share it:   If you have enough dedication and passion you can do anything and nothing is impossible for you!!! Can’t believe it???  Yes, it’s true, and there are countless examples around you. You just need to sneak peek at your surroundings to be inspired by them.  Today, I would […]

Collect Payment For Rentals Using the best online rent payment systems

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Did You Like the Post? Share it: When does your rental business want to collect payment from customers?  At the time of booking, or when the rental is returned? Regardless of the answer, there are big implications to the customer experience and your payment processing costs.   No matter what you choose, the RentMy rental […]

Textbook Rental Software For The New Education Landscape

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Did You Like the Post? Share it:   Online book rentals are becoming increasingly popular among university and college students. Your bookstore can become an early entrant to this new model, and your students will thank you. According to the report of Education Data, “An average estimated cost for purchasing college textbooks is around $628 […]